Visitor Comments

"We've had the most incredible time and the best weather we could have hoped for. It's been fantastic. Thank you so much for your kind hospitality and for letting us city dwellers loose on your beautiful estate. The fantastic memories will always remain with me." Karina Tarling, Armstrong International, London.

"This is our twenty-seventh year at Corrour. For the first twenty, our taste for the romantic melancholy of gentle decline and decay was fulfilled every year, while the family's money bled steadily away. Lucky us. Now we see Corrour rapidly changing, perhaps in some ways that are a puzzle to us, certainly in some ways that will improve the experience for future visitors. But whatever changes are made in the tiny civilization at the end of the loch, nothing will ever detract from the great hills and the perfect isolation of Corrour. It'll all be the same in a hundred years, and we shall still be coming here. " Rowlatt family.

"Excellent accommodation- thank you. Brilliant holiday in stunning surroundings. Please don't put a TV here! Will be back soon." Martin Cheadle.

"Another excellent holiday at Corrour. The weather was the mix unique to the Highlands. Exciting to see the investment in the estate producing such splendid results. The new and pleasing feature for us Corrour veterans was the Station Restaurant. We especially recommend the treacle scones and venison burgers. As usual the fishing was enthralling. Our guests loved the place." Margaret and Colin Yardley.

"An astonishing experience: majestic country, stags abound, lively brown trout, excellent company. What else may a man wish for! ... A Fantastic Week!" Hans Stuck, Geneva- Switzerland, (NB - Canada).

"Our 28th visit to this lovely estate, cottage very good, standard much higher than in 2005 ... All in all a lovely break with reasonably good weather considering it's October…Thanks again for a heaven on earth." Elizabeth and David Rogers.

"Grand weekend in Corrour. Great banter, great activities and great company - what more could a young man, making his way in the world, want. A particular highlight was making pine tea (a Ray Mears classic). All you need is: lot of pine needles (cut up), boil them up with 4 ½ tsp of sugar for 10 minutes. Serve with lemon." RCM.

"Cracking weekend, considering this was a total surprise to me! Shot my first deer (hind and calf) ... very happy. Couldn't be happier with how the weekend has gone. Thanks to the Corrour staff for putting up with us. The loch is very cold at night and everyone should make Rob's pine tea! Hear Hear! See you next year!" AJD.

"What a wonderful treat to leave Glasgow on a dark winter's night and arrive at the Station and cycle in the snow to this gorgeous house. A brilliant place to celebrate Ann's 50th. Thank you."

"Fantastic weekend. Ice climbing on Meall Garbh Friday - Ping Pong Grade III. Angling around Loch Ossian Saturday and a cross country run around Loch Ossian Sunday." Colwyn Jones.

"Spent a fantastic week here, with snow - then fantastic sunshine, we all had a great stay and can't wait to return soon".

"I had a great stay. I had a lovely time horse riding and hope to come back soon this year! The house was lovely and the scenery is breathtaking. Caught my first trout - it was big. Thank you Corrour." Zoe Campbell - age 11 (eleven).

"Back again! Another excellent stay on Corrour, as usual staff and accommodation both fantastic. Thanks and see you again soon!" Spence and group.

"Corrour, after 30 years we still love you!!! :o)" Rowlatts, Smiths and Pearsons.

"After heavy rain on Sunday, week has been dry and very warm. Fishing in the Strath has been good this week. Bird observations really interesting, including two Tawny Owls in woods around the Estate..." Keith and Dianne Williams.

"Since we first cam to Corrour in 1952 we have stayed in the Doll's House when it was a holiday let, Sgor Choinnich, Sgor Ghaibre (including the period when these two cottages were all one), Strathossian and now, for the first time, the Steading. All have been very comfortable and the massive developments of the recent years are very much appreciated..." Margaret Yardley.

"Dear Neil and staff, Thank you for showing us around Corrour. We really appreciated it. I thought the best bit was having a go on the Argos. It was fun. I also adored the puppies and dogs, they were incredibly cute. When we all groomed the Iceland ponies I felt them and thought they were so soft. The day wasn't just good or fun, it was interesting and the walk was good too." Love from Rhona.

"The weather allowed us to do all that we wanted - lots of cycling around the loch, walking, falling into bogs, canoeing and riding. Tess the dog thinks that she was in heaven and is now much fitter. We had a lovely holiday and many thanks for all your help. Another two Munroes now bagged as well." Allison, Time, Kate and James Asbhy and Tess the dog!

"This magical estate and everything that goes with it never cease to amaze and excite. Enormous fun, thank you." Nick and Joy MacAndrew.

"Amazing week crowned by the outstanding cuisine of Gary Maddock. Corrour stalking is excellent as ever, perfect weather, conviviality and fun!!! " Mark Adams.

"Great sport for the Search and Rescue Dog Association Scotland training weekend. Beats being on the village hall floors! Thank you." SARDA Scotland.

"Fantastic Estate - Kind People - Great Hunting - Lovely Food and Drinks - Super Accommodation. We have had 5 Great days in Scotland. Thanks." The six Vikings from Denmark!.

"2nd time in Sgor Choinnich and it is still enchanting! We had a lovely week here, enjoying the tranquillity, the views and the walking. Superb weather. We managed 2 Munroes. Loads of food and nice wine, so a perfect week!!"

"We have now experienced the Corrour in Summer and autumn, both different but equally wondrous. Memorable was the walk up to Beinn Eibhinn where we saw herds of majestic red deer, a golden eagle, snipe, grouse and black throated divers. Still much to do and thus we will return."

"I had a good time here. It was fun playing rugby and walking. This time there were no midges this time, so it was better." "I liked it because it was my birthday and they had no midges and I saw deer." Julian, Alia, Borg (15), Jack, Theo (8) and Augustin (10months) Blakeney Edwards.

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