Deer Stalking

Deer stalking on Corrour is an integral part of our environmental management of the estate to maintain and enhance its wild lands. Stalking allows us to control the population of deer on the estate to a level where their grazing is in balance with the requirements of other wildlife.

We believe the stalking experience at Corrour is first class. When on the hill there are spectacular views of the dramatic landscape and breathtaking beauty of Corrour. Golden eagles are frequently seen. This landscape provides a range of stalking terrain to suit all needs and abilities.

Deer on Corrour

The commonest species on Corrour is the iconic Red deer. This species has evolved over many thousands of years to cope with the tough climate and landscape of the Highlands. Under hard winter conditions, the Red deer congregate on lower ground in sizeable herds. In spring they spread out over the 52,000 acres of Corrour.

Corrour also has a small population of Roe deer. These smaller deer are usually found in the woodland around Corrour, but occasionally move out onto the moorland.

A recent arrival at Corrour is the Sika deer. Unlike the Red and Roe deer, which are native to Scotland, this deer was introduced to Britain from the far-east in the mid nineteenth century. Closely related to the Red deer, this species is mainly found in the woodland you drive through onto Corrour.

Stalking on Corrour

Corrour offers stalking of Red deer to guests from early September to late October every year. You will be accompanied to the hill by one of our resident expert stalkers and have the opportunity to take part in our deer management programme. We invite you to also stay at Corrour in one of our self-catering cottages to make your stalking experience more relaxed and enjoyable.

In addition to the guest stalking, Corrour offers training for those wishing to improve their skills and qualifications in deer management.

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Corrour - Taste of the Wild

Corrour is rightly proud of its venison. As a licensed game dealer, we produce our own fully traceable range of cuts and products, all prepared to the highest possible standards. Corrour venison is available to guests staying in our cottages or delivered throughout the UK.

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