Corrour Icelandic Horses

The breed was developed from ponies brought to Iceland by the Vikings in the 9th and 10th Centuries. They have great strength and stamina and an ability to travel over rough ground. Once an Icelandic Horse has left Iceland it can never return, due to the lack of equine disease on the island. In keeping with their heritage all Icelandic Horses have Norse names.

The Confirmation of the Icelandic Horse is a stocky build with a short neck, sloping hind quarters and a very thick mane and tail. They have a calm, friendly, cooperative nature and are responsive and fun to ride.

The Icelandic Horses are popular due to their ability to Tolt in addition to walk, trot, canter and gallop. Tolt is a comfortable pace which allows them to cover the ground smoothly and at speed.

At Corrour we have a stable yard with eight loose boxes, tack room, feed room and a round pen. Most days the Icelandics can be seen grazing in their paddocks by the lochside. The Icelandics have regular visits from out farrier (blacksmith) and vet.

Activities offered include:

½ hr tuition in round pen
½ hr ride out
1 hr ride out
2 hr ride out
3 hr ride out
Day ride 5 hr approx

There is also the opportunity for families to visit the yard and spend time with the Icelandics grooming, feeding or just getting to know them.

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