Icelandic ponies

Icelandic ponies date back to ninth-century Viking Iceland.  They are stocky, with short necks and thick manes (and very thick winter coats).  They are a delightful breed: calm, responsive and friendly, even with novice riders and young children. While they are small, they easily carry adults. They are also popular for their ‘tölt,’ a rare camel-like gait; smooth and gently rocking, even at speed!


All of our ponies have Norse names:

Princessa –  A lovely black mare with a kind disposition who suits riders of any ability – a real princess.

Roskva – A bright chestnut mare with a flowing flaxen mane and tail.  Roskva always loves to lead the ride.

Komma – A cheeky warm-hearted chestnut mare.  She is our smallest pony, a real gem and fantastic with children of all ages.

Ida – A shy black mare, with a huge hair style and black sparkling eyes.

Muninn – our largest pony is 14.2hh.  He is a gorgeous pewter colour and has superb Mackeral markings on his legs.  He is a real softie.

Grani –  A grey gelding with a careful step.  He has the woolliest winter coat imaginable, which he retains for as long as possible!

Djakni – A black gelding, half-brother to Ida.  He has the brightest expression and a real zest for life – a true warrior from the Land of Ice and Fire.


The ponies are not kept on site all year round.  Please give plenty of notice to the estate office on
+44 (0) 1397 707 070 or to arrange rides (or lessons at the stables in Kilmonivaig).

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